New Bike

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New Bike

            There it is. My new bike. I’ve been talking about getting a new bike for six years. Initially, I wanted a touring bike. I’d ride all over Europe or Ireland or Vermont and send you all postcards of my adventures. Then it seemed the decision was too hard to make; I hate buying things. I hate shopping. It makes me tired; I just want to ride my bike or hike. Then Russ got sick and the idea went away altogether.

            Well, I’m in a major living mode lately, and part of pulling myself together meant getting a bike. I hated the idea of shopping, but soon realized that part of the shopping in this case was to sort of borrow bikes and ride them all over town, which was sort of fun. Okay…here’s the plug, and Wade, give me another water bottle for this: I cannot say enough good things about the Spokesman bike shop in Santa Cruz, and specifically, Wade, who is the owner. Oh my God! He stuck me up there on the “trainer,” flashed some laser beam at my legs, put me on the computer, measured everything, double checked everything, let me ride anything with a perfect fit for me. I can’t say enough good things about him. I’m considered short in the world of biking, so getting a bike with a good fit has always been an issue for me.

            I was there pretty much all day Friday, and see what I took home! I kind of held onto it the whole way and I called my sister, and my Mom on the Cell phone. I cried so much they didn’t know what awful thing happened to me.

            Bikes. My very first bike? I don’t remember exactly the bike, but I do remember when the training wheels came off. My mom one day simply said “ the wheels are coming off now,” which is really an extraordinary thing for my mom to be concerned about as she always sincerely believed that shopping at the Jacqueline shop and standing around looking at price tags was exercise. The family watched as I was given a shove, fell over, and was told to do it again. Mmm, and there it was…freedom, movement, looking around at the world, wind on my face, emptying out of thoughts to be refilled with any new imagination all entered into me…all on the hand me down bikes that were too big until…the pink banana seat bike with tassels on the end. What discomfort! How ludicrous!

            At fifteen, I got a Nishiki road bike. Ooooo! Champagne colored with blue stripes. I kept it in the living room. It cost so much it deserved to be there. It was too big, but those were the times.

            Then came the Bianchi. What a sweet bike, and what sweet memories of pedaling around Puget Sound, organized bike rides, some commuting, and that wonderful rhythm of my body moving and something in me dancing…

            Next, a mountain bike! I loved being out by myself on the trails, especially in Fort Ord, in the springtime with the lupines slapping at my calves and seeing the occasional coyote, and sometimes shamefully walking my bike over some of those spots where the ruts in the trail look like I would break absolutely every part of me if I fell. So as much as I love the trails, the problem is that I have to think so hard when I am riding out there…

            Hence, new road bike. I ALMOST got the Bianchi with the classic pretty green and the Hawaiian flowers…the credit card ALMOST hit the counter, until I rode it one more time when I knew so well I mostly wanted that bike for the pretty Hawaiian flowers…and then I reflected on a couple of items:

            Firstly, to notice the care I put into shopping for bikes. It has to fit in every way; when I test ride I try to notice every part of my body and how it feels. The components have to be as top quality as I can afford…and as I thought through some of this…

            Secondly, I have to live with this bike for a long time. It’s going to be my friend in exercise, spirit, and help me to think through problems…

            So, the queen of metaphor realizes: it sure would be good for me to put this much care into whom I share my life with (ie: relationships/love), and that I should NOT be sold on looks alone…

            So, here’s my bike. No Hawaiian flowers, but in two days, we’ve already become “fast” friends.


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Garland Ranch New Bike

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