Low Tide Morning

July 21, 2007 at 6:57 pm Leave a comment

Low Tide Mornings            

     Mornings. The beginnings of light wake me up and lure me to the beach with Cholla in tow. The mornings of low tides, when the beach spreads out in a huge flat arc all around me with the shine of the wet retreat of water are the very best. For me, the low tide is a nature gift. These mornings lately have had the added benefit of warmth, and I am indulging in wearing sleeveless tops and skirts that swirl around my legs, reminding me of my open joy of youth and feeling so so pretty. I run and run in dog like patterns, the sound of my feet slapping, slapping over the hardened sand of the great big ballroom of a beach on a Low Tide Morning . I love that sound. I love that feel. The light at my back pulls my shadow long around me and indeed we are dancing with space all around…and there is no one on the beach! It is my secret, the secret of Cholla, who digs for her breakfast of sand crabs, and the secret waking up of the sky. I used to love to watch Lita, who would seemingly fly into the sky for her Frisbees, the shadow of her reach looming large under her. She found the colors of the sky and hope of beach treasures irrelevant in her athletic joy to run like mad for her pink and green Frisbee.           

     I like to walk towards Monterey, only looking back if the colors of the sky are especially alive, as the sharpness of the light makes the land ever so precise and clear. I look and look, and really, I only realize as I sit here that something so profound, in a simple way, happens as I’m out there on a Low Tide Morning. I study the wiggly trail of the sand dollar walk in the sand. I look and look at the curve of the land set sharply against the sky, and the clarity of the details in the land with the momentness of painterly study. I feel the wind bend me and make my hair wild and knotted, and love to arrive home with sand all the way up my legs, keeping a vestige of it with me throughout the day. I fill up and up my lungs with kelpy smells and ocean breath. I like to get home with still a little flavor of the fresh morning light around me.             

     On these Low Tide Mornings, I get filled, and I get filled without even thinking I need to be filled, or that it’s “good for me,” or even thinking of the labels of “oh this is joy” or “smell this,” or “wow, look at that orange sky…” The morning naturally seduces me to feel love; in love with the slap slap of the sand, all my senses awakened, in love and giddy with living.              


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