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Seattle airport, March 2007

I just spotted this little fragment I wrote last year in a trip I made to Seattle:

March 25

I’m looking at a a glass installation at the airport in Seattle. I find it so moving, and it mesmerizes me. People scurry past me; they wonder why I am lingering here. They think I am supposed to get into a line of some sort, but I am swimming in the colors of blue stretching from me into the sky, and prisms of rainbows are dancing on the floor around me. The shape is like an inverted rocket, but it’s the hue of the glass that is getting to me: cobalt blues with spices of reds and amber, and rectangular prisms of clear glass falling like rain. It draws me.



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Palo Colorado Canyon

Palo Colorado Canyon

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Garland Ranch

Garland RanchGarland Ranch

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Garland Ranch

Garland Ranch 

            This is the scene that Rachel and I painted out in Carmel Valley. That first day, when we were cleaning out my workroom, we went out into the valley to pick up a bunch of my boxes for packing away my stuff. I took her out by the “airport” area, which is now a wide-open space. I had a very hard month in May, and every day, I took an opportunity to get out into that space to nestle myself amongst the purple flowers and look at the view and get my strength from that big happy looming place. I would just stare and stare, loving those curves up there. I’d walk a lot at lunch, and I would think about how much I wanted to paint that view and take it home with me.

            I showed that area to Rachel, and showed her the exact spot I would sit, though it was disappointedly mowed over. We spontaneously decided, why not? Let’s paint it. She’s definitely Let’s Do It! kind of gal. So we went over to Home Depot, got a big sheet of birch plywood, and cut it down into the sizes we wanted, brushed on gesso, and the next day went out in the van with Cholla and some new paints.

            It was soooo windy! The easels were blowing over, the sun was too bright, Cholla was even ducking out of it all. Both Rachel and I were just slopping paint around, mostly on ourselves as it blew back on us. It’s acrylic, so the paint was drying practically instantly in the sun. And wouldn’t you know it? So much a metaphor of life. At that point of “Oh, well, accept it. This thing isn’t working out. Let’s wrap it up,” I don’t know. One of us mixed a good color, the other one used it, and suddenly, we’re having fun, and it’s working, and we’re so happy with what we have, complete with Cholla walking on it. (Yay! Acrylics dry fast, so no paw prints) We had giddy talk the whole way home about our perseverance, and poor baby, I have to be the wise aunt and tell her about metaphors of life in everything. We discuss where to hang them, and about two hours before she leaves, we settle on their home on the wall…and there they are, my precious view that heals me, right on my wall, looking at me right now. I painted the middle one, and Rachel the two sides.

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